Caty Langston | Har-Ber High School | Class of 2016

The Rogerson | Fayetteville Arkansas

The Combs Family | Springdale Arkansas

One of my absolute favorite families! I have photographed this beautiful family since Blakelyn was a teeny tiny baby. It has been so fun watching them grow into such amazing young ladies. Every time I see them they get more and more beautiful!

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The Petrino’s | Washington State

SUCH AN HONOR to get to photograph this beautiful family all the way from Washington. We had a few weather opticals to work through but despite the heat God provided us with beautiful light and it all came together so perfectly in the end. I ADORE this family so much! What amazing children and an amazing mom! If only I had an ounce of her beauty!


Mollie | Har-Ber High School | Class of 2016