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Help my son Jackson get his birthday request for baby Remington…

My son Jackson is turning nine in a few days. While planning his birthday the first request he made was… “Mom, I do not want any gifts. I don’t need anything. I would really like to help the Children’s Hospital”. Talk about melting a mama’s heart. I explained to him though that what we could collect from a small group probably wouldn’t go as far as if we were to help someone locally. I read him this story about sweet little Remington, a nephew to one of the directors at my youngest daughters school.

Tina Bell is the amazing selfless, mother of 5 kids and they are her entire world. On July 9th Tina took her baby boy Remington to the emergency room. He had lost all movement on the right side of his body. They thought he had a brain bleed and flew him to Children’s Hospital in Little Rock. On July 31st they were told it was actually a brain tumor. They did another MRI in august and the tumor had grown. On September 24th Remington had the first of 2 surgeries to remove the tumor. A biopsy was done and sent to John Hopkins. On October 8th the biopsy came Back as high grade stage 3 Anaplastic Astocytoma, usually found only in adults. On Novenber 6th Tina and Remington were moved from childrens to St. Jude and he started chemotherapy on November 12th. The plan from here is he and Tina will remain in Memphis for 6 months and go through 4 different types of chemo. Then they will fly back and forth every 2 months for labs and scans for the next 5 years. The traveling expense alone is going to be a lot. Tina is obviously not able to work so her family of 7 is now on one income…

He quickly teared up and said… “Lets help his family”. So in honor of baby Remington, Jackson has requested donations/cards etc.  to help this precious baby and his family. Below is a link to send donations to the family. As a way to show Jackson at such a young age how his small selfless act can spread so far, where is asks who’s donated the gift if you could put his name (Jackson Lanning) in there I would LOVE to show him on the day of his birthday how far his love for others has spread. It doesn’t have to be much, a little can go a long way! He will be so thrilled to just see that others care and are helping Remington’s family. If your child would like to make a card to send we will collect those as well and deliver them to Remington’s Aunt. She will be headed back to St. Judes next week to visit him and can deliver all of it.


Thank you all in advance for your love and support.


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